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Hydraulic Accumulator
Super duplex stainless (2506 UNS 32750 accumulators, dampeners, surge, water hammer, and shock alleviators in extreme, ultra, and super pressure corrosive applications.
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top end reserviceable one piece bag accumulator.

This is just a small selection from our range of sizes and pressures, all parts are manufactured from many different materials.


hydraulic accumulator


PiG-75i-B72x315-2500p-1 1/2"NPT-316


PiG-120i-B98x300-2700p-1 3/4"NPT-316
PiG-170i-B123x250-2300p-1 1/2"NPT-316



In the alphanumeric designations above, the prefix PIG denotes a PipeGuard design i.e. gas inside one-piece moulded bag

The number following the prefix that is followed by the letter i denotes the number of cubic inches nominal volume. Units of 16.39millilitres, there are 61 cubic inches in one litre.

The B reference is the diameter followed by length of the one piece moulded bag. This is also the spare part reference for a new bag.

The number preceding the letter p is the design pressure, this should be used for working pressures up to 85% of the p figure assuming that the system relief valve requires a 15% over pressure to fully open.

The inch number denotes National Pipe Thread taper size.

A letter needs inserting following the 316. The letter replaces ?? abd denotes the elastomer of the membrane to be used ex/e.g. N = Buna-N / nitrile, V = Viton etc.

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The name hydraulic accumulator covers those hydraulic products that are designed specifically for the storage (accumulation) of liquid under pressure. However, because of the improvements in design of equipment, which has grown from the storage devices, other functions have become loosely associated with the name Accumulator. These other types of units should more properly be called by their function, e.g. – Pulsation Dampeners, Liquid Borne Noise Silencers, Line Surge Alleviators, Pump Controllers, Transfer Barriers, etc. More about accumulators...